NEWS!!!! LAUNCHING in Beta Form on  October 1, 2013.  Read Below for Important Updates!
After a few false starts, we are finally on track to launch the beta version of our site on October 1st.  At this time, we are actively recruiting contributors to write short (300-700 word) articles about options trades they are watching.  See item #2 below for details on becoming a contributor.  Also, please register on our forums, which will be an informal and quick way to discuss options trades.  PLEASE BOOKMARK AND CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES!

1.) NEWSLETTER - The first issue of our newsletter will be emailed by 8:00 AM on October 1st.  Cost of the newsletter will only $30 per month, and it will be issued every trading day.  IF YOU SEND US AN EMAIL AT BY DECEMBER 28th I WILL SEND YOU THE FIRST ISSUE FREE, AS A SAMPLE.  Included will be trading ideas, watch lists, earnings previews, articles from experienced traders, and a small options education section, covering a new topic in options trading each day.  The ordering page of this site is being worked on as we speak, and should be ready to take orders by the end of September.

2.) BECOMING A CONTRIBUTOR - I am looking for option traders who are looking to get their trades published and develop their "brand."  I plan on publishing articles from contributors as soon as we launch, and there will be a compensation structure that will increase with membership.  Check out our contributor details here.

3.) Since most of my initial members are my fellow writers, there is another opportunity for you.  I'm going to need some help to get the word out there in terms of the newsletter, so I'm offering an affiliate deal that could provide a nice residual stream of income.  For every subscriber you refer, you will receive 20% of their subscription fees for as long as they are a subscriber.  For example, If you refer 20 subscribers, you will receive 20 * 20% * $30 = $120 per month in perpetuity. If you refer 20 more each month, you can easily see how an income stream will build. If you would be interested in this program, email with "affiliate" in the subject line to receive a referral code. 

4.) Our forums will be the backbone of the site.  Although they are still in a trial phase, please join our forum by clicking the link at the top of the page.  I'd like for eveyone to post a short introduction about themselves.  My main goal of this site is to get a bunch of great minds together to have great success trading, and the best way to do that is to share ideas.  Also, these are a good, uncensored way to get exposure.  Show off your trading expertise to the world!

Thanks for visiting, and keep checking back!!!!!!!!


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Thank you for visiting  Our site is currently under construction, and we plan a full launch by January 1st.  Please check back for updates.

The Options Masters will be the premier resource for all investors interested in learning more about options and how to trade them.  We will also have general information about the stock market, and an education section that details 1.) What is option trading?, 2.) What are options?, and 3.) What option trading strategies should I use?
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